24 Hour towing accident or mechanical, we can help

Maserati repair at Heritage

24 Hour Towing assistance at (512)257-1885 for mechanical or accident towing


We can help get your car towed to our shop with 24-hour towing assistance in Central Texas

If you need our assistance during regular business hours:

7:30 to 5:30 Monday through Friday please call us at 512-257-1885 and we will assist getting the tow set up, and a tow truck dispatched to your location.

After hours, 24 hours a day 7 days a week please call

  • Lakeside 620 Towing:
  • Call (512)266-8620 for Lakeside
  • or
  • Leander Towing:
  • Call (512)663-6833 for Leander towing

Just let Lakeside towing or Leander 24 hour towing know which Heritage location you wish to use. If you don’t know just ask the towing company if it is a mechanical breakdown or collision related damage. They will get you to our closest location! We have 24 hour secured storage for voluntary towing around North Austin, Cedar Park, Leander and close to Riverplace.Heritage is not a vehicle impound service, we repair cars and work with towing companies to assist you. We can tow in your vehicle and keep it safe until the insurance company comes to take a look at it.

What to do if you have a wreck

If you have a wreck and the police department asks what auto body collision repair you want to go to, tell them Heritage Body and Frame!

Approved Police Towing 24 hour

Lakeside Towing is on police rotation for

  • The City of Austin
  • The City of Cedar Park
  • The City of Leander
  • Williamson County and Travis County


Leander Towing is on police rotation for

  • The City of Leander
  • The City of Cedar Park
  • The City of Lago Vista

Why does the police department call a towtruck and what is a police rotation?

The local police departments in Austin, Cedar Park, Leander and Lago Vista keep a list of 24 hour towing companies that meet equipment, safety, and insurance. These require licensing from local and state agencies to keep the towing industry a safe place for consumers and to ensure a sense of accountability for the community. The police departments also require very fast response times from rotation wreckers in these areas to keep the streets and highways cleared of wrecked cars! 620 Lakeside and Leander towing work these police departments to meet these standards of quick responses and safety.