More instructional videos on how paintless dent repair or PDR works



Sometimes PDR can save the day and be the difference between days in the shop or just a few hours. At Heritage Body and Frame we are available to educate everyone on the best options available for every situation that arises.Sometimes the best content is shared content, so with gracious permission, the guys at Excel dent removal let me share this short video on how to remove a door ding on a Volvo. The theory and application of dent repair are the same if it is hail or a door ding repair, just the amount of time and patience is multiplied by the number of dents!

Choose your PDR tech for the right reasons

These guys have made some terrific videos on Paintless Dent repair methods and procedures! We at Heritage Body and Frame are always trying to promote local businesses that do quality work and if you are willing to do PDR on video like this, you have what it takes. They go in-depth on why you have to take the process slow and how to keep high spots from coming up, and also into glue pulling and how to keep the edges tight and the metal from stretching on you.

PDR is a complex process to perform with quality

PDR repairs can be tricky to do correct, with a million things going wrong in the best of situations. This is true for the entire auto industry, that is a really complicated place to operate with honesty and integrity. Technicians have to be expert negotiators, expert technicians, and mobile businesses able to operate and communicate with customers and insurance companies.

This is why you need to choose quality PDR technicians, so the results come out really nice and you get a proper repair.

If you happen to be looking for hail damage repair or door ding repair call Excel Dent Removal PDR technicians in Blaine Minnesota (763)780-4000 and want to thank these guys again for letting us link to your video!

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