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Heritage Means Quality Automotive Care

Throughout our more than thirty years serving the repair needs of our clients, Heritage Body and Frame has focused exclusively on bringing quality automotive care to our clients. We pride ourselves on working to the exacting specifications of high end manufacturers, and can boast certifications from a number of manufacturers such as Tesla, Fiat, and more.

Why is it important to use a certified repair facility for your high end vehicle? Simply put, a high end vehicle requires repair and maintenance work that ensures quality performance. A vehicle built for performance needs to perform just as well after being repaired, or else it really hasn’t been adequately repaired. A certified repair shop, such as Heritage Body and Frame, is guaranteed to be familiar with the latest vehicle technology, and to have the equipment necessary to deliver high-caliber results. We take our certifications seriously, and will never deliver a substandard repair.

Certified care is especially important for high-tech vehicles such as those produced by Tesla, one of the certifications we are proudest of earning. An automobile that uses cutting-edge technology will baffle the average repair shop, and not only is it likely you will get substandard results from an uncertified repair shop, it is likely to end up costing more over the course of repeat repairs, too. It is tempting to look for a bargain rate at your local corner repair shop, but a mechanic who is unfamiliar with the technology used in your vehicle is unlikely to deliver the timely and flawless repairs you can expect from a company that has put in the work to stay on top of the ground-breaking equipment and processes involved.

We know that not everyone has a high-end vehicle, but at Heritage Body and Frame, we firmly believe that every vehicle deserves high-end care. We are certified in the latest technologies at all levels of performance because we want to ensure flawless performance and appearance in every vehicle that leaves our shop. No matter the make or model of your vehicle, our goal is to provide the kind of care that brings out its best performance.

If you are ready to experience the difference that high-end automotive repair can make for your vehicle, contact us today. Heritage Body and Frame is here with signature state-of-the-art service to make every vehicle perform at its best.

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