When you get into an accident, we can assist with the  auto body estimate software


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We can help with your auto body estimate, including new mobile estimating software that interfaces with insurance companies

What is a mobile estimate and why is my insurance telling me to use it?

When you file your insurance claim, many insurance companies are asking you to use using mobile estimating apps now

Mobile estimating platforms, or pocket estimators, as they are being referred to are mobile apps to submit claim documents. These apps are becoming more common in the collision repair industry. We understand how difficult this process can be, it is hard to keep up with regular life, and then the insurance company is asking you to download a mobile app and submit all the information online!

MobileTechRX is one of the premier mobile auto body estimator software apps pioneering this complicated process.

Mobile tech rx estimating software app

Mobile Tech Rx estimating software application and auto body estimator software

How mobile auto body estimator software apps work

  • Call in and file your claim with the insurance company
  • The insurance company, if they have a mobile estimating app available, will ask you to download the mobile estimating software app
  • Download it and enter your VIN number, mileage and license plate number when prompted
  • Select the type of damage and where it is located on the car. The app should decode and identify your car
  • Enter the photos asked for and submit it, the insurance will email back the mobile damage repair estimate. If the estimate is incorrect don’t worry, when we are repairing the car we will ensure the estimate is correct and accurate

How does it actually help me when I get in an accident?

  • Using mobile estimating applications can keep you from driving around from one body shop to another for estimates
  • Using collision estimating software you don’t have to worry as much about what insurance approved body shop is near you.
  • You can pick from the closest body shop location to you or your work, if the mobile collision repair estimate is not correct we handle the supplement and use our software to upload it with the insurance
  • The main advantage to you, less worry about where to get the auto body estimate

What if the mobile collision estimating software is not accurate?

I will highlight this again, don’t worry if it is not accurate or doesn’t really reflects the damage on the car. The main process point is to get the claim started, we will handle the rest from there. We at Heritage handle every insurance company and we only need the copy of the online or mobile estimate get the claim started.

Why can’t Heritage write the estimate and submit it online?

We work with many insurances directly and can communicate with them through collision estimating software, called direct repair assignments or open shop assignments. This makes the process really easy and it’s a terrific option, we can’t communicate with them all though! Online and mobile auto body estimating software is becoming common and we are here to help the process become smoother.